Sparkling Sake

Zipang Sparkling Sake is a unique and fun new sake from the House of Gekkeikan. Lightly carbonated, Zipang’s sparkling style is produced naturally by secondary fermentation in a closed tank. Celebrate with Zipang Sparkling Sake!

Style: Lively and bright with hints of tropical fruits, medium-bodied with a refreshingly light finish.

Pairing Notes: Pairs well with a wide array of light appetizers and hors d’oeuvres as well as with spicy food.

Serving Suggestions: Zipang Sparkling Sake is best served chilled and enjoyed in a flute. Enjoy simply as an aperitif or in a sparkling cocktail.

Product Information :
  Prefecture: Kyoto, Japan
  Region: Fushimi
  Alc./Volume: 7%
  Siize: Available in 250ml
  Class: Junmai Sparkling
  Sake Meter Value:  -14
  Sulfite and gluten free


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